Mastercard, Grand Sponsor of Greece Race for the Cure® 2018, supports the fight against breast cancer,
donating to “Alma Zois” an additional amount of 2€ for every registration with a Mastercard® card.


Our impact
  • support for women with
  • awareness for
  • information for prevention and early detection of
  • towards a world without
breast cancer


Till Sunday 29/09/2019

2019/09/29 09:00:00

Greece Race for the Cure® Sponsors 2018


Our news

Έγγραφο εξουσιοδότησης ομάδων

Ο αρχηγός ομάδας που εγγράφει επιπλέον μέλη στην ομάδα του μπορεί να κατεβάσει το έγγραφο εξουσιοδότησης ομάδων από εδώ: ΕΓΓΡΑΦΟ... read more

Saturday: Health Promotion Day

Saturday September 29th 2018: Health Promotion Day Greece Race for the Cure® will take place on Sunday September 30, 2018,... read more

Elena Iliadis

Alma Zois helped me a lot when I was going through the whole process. I wanted to find a... read more

Hara Karatzas

To 2011 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The next year started my voluntary action in Alma Zois.... read more

Biggest Teams

(Last update: 9/2018)

Personal Initiative: UNTOUCHABLES (389 συμμετοχές)
Survivor: SIMPLY THE BREAST (1260 συμμετοχές)
Companies: METRO RUNNING TEAM (1419 συμμετοχές)
Associations/NGOs : Σωματείο Εργατοϋπ. Επιχ. ΣΚΛΑΒΕΝΙΤΗΣ (1466 συμμετοχές)
Educational Institutions: ΠΕΙΡΑΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΑΓ. ΑΝΑΡΓΥΡΩΝ (213 συμμετοχές)
Embassies:  CONEXAO ROSA BRASIL (56 συμμετοχές
Gyms/ Sports Clubs: PINOY ZUMBA  (300 συμμετοχές)

Even if you cannot be with us on the Race day, you can support the Race against breast cancer


could support the Genetic Testing Program for a woman with breast cancer and 3 members of her family


could enhance the subsidized seminars for Healthcare professionals communication skills with the oncology patient


could provide 1 hour practical nutrition advice, skin care and beauty treatment for women under treatment

4 €

could support the workplace breast cancer awareness program


could get into the buck of new programs for 2019