Are you a doctor? Become a Companion Doctor

We want doctors with us, for us!

If you are a doctor, you can be a companion to our Race and make a gift to your patients, pay in advance for less than 20 entries for the race. Help us to honour women who front the disease!

Become a Companion Doctor!!

By becoming a Companion Doctor, you give the opportunity for more women to participate for free in the Greece Race for the Cure®. The survivors are the soul of the race! In last year’s Greece Race for the Cure® we managed to celebrate with 600 women who have experienced breast cancer!

Giving a free registration of the Race to every patient with breast cancer you have, you  actively show your support to patients struggling with the disease!


The Companion Doctor Programme has been created to enable even more women to participate for free to the Greece Race for the Cure®, which will be held on Sunday, September 27, 2015, at Zappeion.

For more information about Companion Doctor Programme, please contact with the Association on the the phone 210 41 800 06.