Be A Sponsor

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The sponsorships are the most important part of the operation and services of the association for women with breast cancer and the general population. Specifically, the subscriptions and donations of the Race’s  participants ensure the funding of new programs and services for women with breast cancer as well as the funding of programs aiming at prevention – early detection for the entire population.

When you invest in the Greece Race for the Cure®, you invest in the lives of people who are close to you … the people around you … your relatives, your friends, your colleagues.

All net proceeds of the Race are utilized annually for projects that either aim to improve the quality of life for women who are fighting breast cancer or aim to increase the early diagnosis rate.

By becoming a sponsor of the event you contribute substantially to the treatment of a disease which affects more than 5,500 women per year in Greece, you become a member of the global movement against breast cancer, you increase the social responsibility of your company and you increase the loyalty of your customers in your brand.

For more information, contact phone 210 4180006.