Group Therapy

Psychosocial support groups are organized and implemented by experienced mental health professionals: health psychologists – psychotherapists and social workers.

Program’s mission

The main objective of the Psychosocial support groups is the provision of individualized psychosocial rehabilitation services, depending on the needs of each patient and on the stage of each patient’s treatment.

More specifically, the program aims to:

  • an immediate response to the crisis brought about by the diagnosis of breast cancer,and management of unpleasant emotions (anxiety, fear of recurrence, fear of death, depression)
  • acceptance of new body image
  • adjustment to new life conditions
  • benefit finding
  • Skills training in order to achieve better quality of life

Types of groups

  • Negative Emotions Management Group
  • Support Group for Women that are in first two years after breast cancer diagnosis
  • Assertiveness training and Communication Group
  • Self-Awareness Group
  • Treatment groups are closed, with a specific number of participants.