Start Your Own Team


Anyone can register as a Team Member in Greece Race for the Cure®. Teams can start by personal initiative or within a company, an embassy, an educational institution, an NGO/Organization, an Athletic Club/Gym or by the initiative of a woman with breast cancer experience.

Become a Team Captain!

Invite relatives, friends and colleagues to join your team!

The minimum number of team members is 10.

Take part together in Greece Race for the Cure®, think of ways to stand out and live a unique experience while maximizing your offer in the fight against breast cancer!


By starting your Team…

  • You honour women who are fighting breast cancer or lost their fight with the disease
  • You support the increase of breast cancer awareness in Greece and in this way you save lives
  • You show love and caring to yourself and those around you
  • You take action into global fight against breast cancer
  • You contribute to fundraising for the implementation of programs that aim at supporting women with breast cancer at whichever part of Greece they live, at advocating patients rights for early diagnosis and better treatment and at reducing deaths from the disease
  • You motivate colleagues, friends and relatives to join for a common cause
  • You claim the prize of the biggest group by category (Individual Initiative, Company, Educational Institution, Embassy Club, Association/N.G.O., Gym Club, Woman with experience of breast cancer)
  • You have fun with your team!


  • Find a name for your Team!


  • Register:
  1. online
    Enter your Team Name and registering yourself
  2. At any registration kiosk (2 km walk only)
    Complete the registration form with the Team Name in the corresponding field and your Name in the Field “Team Captain”.
  • Invite colleagues, friends and relatives to register at the Race.
    You can register new members in your team via Internet or motivate them to register at:
  • For the 2 km walk, new members can also register to your Team at any registration kiosk as long as they declare the exact Team Name.
  • Each team member selects in the individual registration form the field “Team member” and also fills in the fields “Team Name” and “Team Captain”.
  • You can also collect the registration forms of team members and contact us on 210 41 80 006 (ext.25).
  • Please make sure that each member of your team has completed the participation waiver and has accepted the terms of participation.


Teams by Division at Greece Race for the Cure® are the following:

  • Individual Initiative: any person above the 18 years of age can recruit friends, family and colleagues in order to start a Team.
  • Breast Cancer Survivor: any woman with breast cancer experience can recruit friends, family and colleagues in order to start a Team.
  • Company: companies can recruit their employees in their Team or employees of a company can start a Team on behalf of their company.
  • Associations: this division includes N.G.O., Sports and Cultural Associations, Federations.
  • Educational Institution: this division includes Educational Institutions of any level (degree) (public and private sector).
  • Embassy: Embassy Clubs of any country can take part .
  • Athletic Organizations/Gym Clubs: Any organization in athletic forum and Gyms are welcome.


  • Meet your Team members and think about ideas to stand out on Race day.
  • You can create your Team T-shirt or make a banner with your Team Name.
  • Inform your Team members about Race Day details
  • Agree on a meeting point on Race Day, come together at Zappeio and live the unique experience of the 10th Greece Race for the Cure!
  • Take your Team picture at Zappeio on the Team photo spot and spread the message against breast cancer!
  • Make a special t Τ-shirt or banner, post a photo of it on our Facebook fanpage! (@AlmaZois).


Tips for recruiting new members in your Team!

  • Send an informative e-mail to your contact list and ask for their support
  • Update your Facebook status and let your friends learn about your initiative and your will to start a Team
  • Use social networks in order to ask for your friends support
  • Use the hashtag #greecerace2018
  • Request from Alma Zois to send you information leaflets about breast cancer and Greece Race for the Cure (it’s free!)
  • If you are a company employee, you can request from the Human Resource Department of your company to inform all the employees via e-mail about Race and your initiative to start a Team on behalf of the company
  • Talk to your family, friends and colleagues about your initiative and ask each one of them to recruit at least two new members in your team
  • Cooperate with 2-3 members in order to find new ways for achieving your goal


  • A team is a group with a minimum of 10 participants
  • All registrations close on 24/9/2018
  • Registration fee is 6€/person and 8€/person for registration with a timing chip.
  • Team members that will register on 5km should tick the requested field on the registration form and enter their full name.
  • Each Team member should declare that he/she agrees with the Terms of participation.
  • When Team Captain registers new members in his Team should inform each
  • Team Member for the Terms of Participation in Greece Race for the Cure® and receive their informed consent.
  • In case of Registration via Internet, Team Captain should also inform each Team Member for the Terms of Participation in Greece Race for the Cure® and receive their consent before registering them.
  • Team members can choose different type of participation (i.e. some members can pick 2klm Walk and some other 5klm Race).
  • Team members can register in their Team without having to be present at Zappeio on Race Day.
  • As far as donations are concerned, receipts can be mailed to Team Captain and he/she will address them to each Team member.


Teams that take part at Race will:

  • Be posted everyday on Race website (from biggest team to smallest team)
  • Receive a Participation Certificate
  • Have the opportunity to take a team photograph on Race Day, which will be posted on Greece Race for the Cure website

The biggest Team by division:

Individual Initiative / Breast Cancer Survivor / Company / Educational Institution / Embassy / Association – NGO / Athletic Organizations – Gym Clubs

  • Will receive a special prize on Race Day
  • Will be posted on a LED Wall at Zappeio on Race Day

The Team with the biggest fundraising will:

  • Receive a special prize on Race Day
  • Be posted on the LED Wall on Race Day
  • Be posted on Race website


You can pick up your Race Kit (T-shirt, hat, number) from:

  • 68, 3rd September Str., Athens
    10/9/2018 – 27/9/2018 ,
    Monday – Friday 10.00am – 18.00p.m.
  • Zappeion
    29/9/2018: 12.00am – 18.00pm


Team Captain can pick Race Kits for the whole Team or each member can pick it up on its own